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There are really two different types of pests that need to be controlled in order for you to have a beautiful and enjoyable yard. The first type of pest is what we call “Lawn Destroyers”. These are Insects that need to be controlled and removed or they will kill and destroy your grass and make it brown out and eventually die. That is less than the lush, green and beautiful yard you are looking for!

The second type of pest is what we call “Fun Destroyers”. These are insects that make you want to stay inside and not want to play on and enjoy your yard. Below is a list of the two types of insects that need to be controlled and most commonly found in Florida yards. Click on each one to find out more about each of them and how we can implement Pest Control Services that will help you and your family get the most of the great outdoors and take your yard to a whole new level of beauty and enjoyment.

Lawn Killers

There are many types of bugs that infest Florida lawns and turn them into an ugly mess or if left unchecked can kill them altogether. Our professional lawn pest control experts will identify these pests and create a plan to eradicate them and keep your lawn looking green and beautiful. Some of the most common lawn killing pests are Chinch Bugs, Mole Crickets, Grubs, Sod Web Worms and various types of ants!


While mosquitos are a rather annoying pest, there’s also always the threat that they’ll give you a sickness. West Nile virus is no laughing matter, and with these flying insects’ ability to carry this disease, there’s good reason to get your mosquitos under control. Protect your loved ones from these nasty insects and get the mosquito protection you need.


Ticks are nasty little blood-sucking insects. And what’s worse is their potential to spread Lyme disease! But scientists claim these bugs have also contributed to spreading over a dozen new diseases over the last five decades! With these dangers lurking amidst your grass, there’s no better time like today than to get your ticks under control. Protect your family and your pets from these menacing insects.


Fleas are an absolute nightmare in Florida. They thrive in this climate and infest yards in every neighborhood. They are very negatively impactful for both humans and pets. We will help you turn your yard into the sanctuary you have been wishing for. Imagine a lawn free of fleas and not having to take your dog to the vet as often because the fleas are gone. Imagine a lawn so lush and beautiful that you can lay on your back and watch the clouds without getting bitten by fleas!

Fire Ants

Fire ants are the insects that nightmares are made out of. These menacing insects destroy lawns, infesting them and spreading throughout ornamental beds. They’re known for creating a system of underground tunnels, damaging lawns and landscape without hesitation. You’ll notice these insects on your lawn when you see the obvious mounds they make. Oh, and their bites are painful and can be dangerous.

Perimeter Insects

Insects invading your property can really put a damper on hanging out outside. Whether you’re worried about keeping yourself, your family, or your pets healthy, perimeter pest control is necessary. Ants, centipedes, roaches and spiders are one of the most notorious bugs we deal with using perimeter control because many people are allergic or freaked out over these bugs, but other bugs come into play here as well. Get the protection your perimeter needs to keep these insects off of your property.

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We pride ourselves on making your home safe from bugs, pests and cheap extermination chemicals! We offer the highest level of family & pet friendly pest protection products. You can feel comfortable knowing your pest problem will be gone with no other harmful side effects.

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As a local South Florida company, we make sure we do all we can to keep the environment of this great state safe. Our products are both environmentally conscious as well as powerful pest eliminators.

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Personal touch is what we’re all about. Some larger companies aim for larger and larger profits, which means cutting corners. We understand the importance and safety of a pest free home and always do our best to provide you with local family owned service.

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